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Career paths

Over the next few years, there will be a major wave of retirements, which means that we are always looking to recruit talented new staff. In addition to employing new talent, we are also investing heavily in internal career paths. These career paths are designed for those who want to continue developing and learning new skills, or for those who simply want to take on different challenges with us. Below is a brief selection of our exciting career options.

Advanced preschool teacher

If you would like to expand your professional horizons and strengthen your role as an educator, you can apply to be an advanced preschool teacher at Vittra. The advanced preschool teacher has a dual role, split between working with groups of children and providing educational guidance. In fact educational guidance and running development work at the preschool are major responsibilities of the advanced preschool teacher. To become an advanced preschool teacher at Vittra, you must be a certified preschool teacher.

Advanced teacher

The Government first introduced the post of advanced teacher in schools in July 2013. The aim of the post is to make the teaching profession more attractive and to improve teaching, leading to better goal fulfilment and higher quality. The primary focus is on the actual teaching and the task of adapting the teaching according to each child and pupil’s circumstances, needs and experiences. The job also involves being a clear leader with a capacity to create and maintain good relations with pupils, colleagues and parents.

The advanced teacher is expected to lead by example and, based on scientific research and proven experience, coach and supervise others with a view to improving results and goal fulfilment for the school’s children and pupils, in line with the school’s obligations concerning knowledge and values as set out in the steering documents and the curriculums. Teachers with development duties will still have teaching as their main duty (teaching must account for at least 50% of their job).

Team leader

We want all our children and pupils to reach their full potential and develop and learn whilst with us. To succeed in this regard, we need competent and professional leadership. As a team leader at Vittra, you have a key role to play in this. A team leader at Vittra is firmly rooted in the operation, providing operational leadership and also forming part of the unit’s management team. In your capacity as team leader, you thus have a clear leadership role in the whole (preschool and) school, which means that you have considerable influence – over how the operation is run now and how it will develop in the future. As a team leader, you lead your team to greater goal fulfilment and better results, and together with the preschool/school’s principal, you lead the systematic quality work and peer-to-peer learning in the team. You are part of the unit’s management, and you lead your team based on our core values of being inclusive, clear and responsible, in a drive to create an effective team that contributes to the development of the whole unit.


As a principal, you need to master both educational leadership and managerial skills, as you take responsibility for the budget, operation and staff. With the support of Vittra’s systematic quality work, you and your colleagues lead the pupils towards greater goal fulfilment. You are also responsible for the task of clarifying and realising Vittra’s educational platform at your school. In addition, you are responsible for your school’s marketing and business development and you report to the relevant operational manager. You will also be a member of Vittra’s principals network, both nationally and regionally.

In your role as principal with us, you can expect considerable development opportunities, including leadership development and access to skills development via courses coordinated by Vittra and those run by the AcadeMedia Academy. You also have access to Vittra’s central staff, who offer a host of specialist functions and work closely with our principals. We take a systematic approach to both health and safety and quality work, and these systems are well established in all our operations.

Here you can read an article in which Vittra Vallentuna’s principal Elin Möller explains what it is like to work as a principal at Vittra:

Moving to another Vittra school

Vittra currently has 26 preschools and compulsory schools in Sweden. If, as a current employee, you are interested in working at a different unit because it is closer to home, we will naturally do everything we can to facilitate the move.

Moving within the AcadeMedia Group

Vittra is part of AcadeMedia, Sweden’s largest private education company. Its operations stretch all the way from preschools to adult education – if you wish to change your career path, there are all sorts of options for doing so within the Group. We will, of course, do everything we can to make such a move possible.

Available positions

To apply for an existing position with us, simply click the link below, where you will be able to see all our available positions. If, however, you are interested in a specific preschool/school that currently has no advertised positions available, you are very welcome to contact the principal at the unit to discuss a possible future together.

Educational concept

At Vittra we want to give our children and pupils the best conditions for continued good schooling and a successful future. But good knowledge outcomes and the high quality of our operations are no accident. They are the result of systematic work in a number of key.

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