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Working in a recreation centre

Why did you choose to work in a school/preschool?

Marko Lassinantti, recreation centre manager at Vittra Vallentuna
Marko Lassinantti, recreation centre manager at Vittra Vallentuna

I moved from Tornedalen to Stockholm in 2004 and decided to apply for a job that fitted with my training as a recreation leader. I gathered information about the different preschools and schools and was taken with Vittra’s educational philosophy. In autumn 2004 I joined the team at the new Vittra Frösunda. I chose to work at the school because I’m a very sociable person who enjoys meeting lots of different people.

What does Vittra mean to you?

I’ve worked for Vittra for almost 10 years now, it’s become a part of me. For me, Vittra can be summed up with the words: knowledge and joy with a focus on the pupils.

How do you encourage knowledge and curiosity at the recreation centre?

By talking to the pupils, we find out what they’re interested in and so we can incorporate that into the planned recreational activities. Often the older pupils get started with something that sparks the curiosity of the younger ones and so it spreads to the rest of the group. And so there is learning between the pupils as well as between teachers and pupils.

By linking our theme at the recreation centre with what’s going on in the school, we create a common thread between school and recreation centre. That way, the theme generates more playful and voluntary creativity. Three days a week, we have school staff working with us here at the recreation centre, too. It’s also important that we have the same code of conduct and good culture.

What is the best thing about working for Vittra?

The best thing about Vittra is the common thread that runs from preschool to Year 9. Everyone knows everyone, which creates a sense of security for the pupils and the teachers. I think it’s wonderful, as a teacher, that you get to be part of the children’s first day at preschool and the day they leave secondary school.

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