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Working in Preeschool

Why did you choose to work in a preschool?

Anne Karlsson, headteacher and preschool manager at Vittra Halmstad
Anne Karlsson, headteacher and preschool manager at Vittra Halmstad

Working in the preschool world is fantastically varied, stimulating and challenging. I get to experienceexciting new challenges every day with the children, and I have an important task in ensuring secure, curious and happy children.

After upper secondary school, I took a temporary job at a preschool. I quickly knew that this was a job I enjoyed and wanted to learn more about. What inspired me was the children’s curiosity about

the world, how the least little thing could become a project that holds the children’s interest for a long time. How different ways of working could be woven together and how the children developed in the various knowledge areas and as people. I felt this was something I wanted to be involved with, so I applied to teacher training college and trained as a preschool teacher/teacher in early compulsory school.

What does Vittra mean to you?

For me, Vittra is about development, opportunities, community, commitment and innovation. I’m proud to tell people that I work for Vittra. Vittra is a company that looks after the individual, whether it is me as a teacher or the pupils and children. They encourage development and learning, taking the individual’s strengths and improving them. I feel as a teacher that I have great opportunities to develop within Vittra, so I can be the best teacher I can be.

What is the best thing about working for Vittra?

Having previously worked both for a small private preschool and for a large organisation in the public sector, I’ve seen how the different organisations are structured and what they can offer teachers and pupils/children. Based on this experience, I feel Vittra has many advantages. The main one is that as a teacher I have great opportunities to grow and develop – through both various skills development initiatives and the peer-to-peer learning that is supported within Vittra. There are many preschools in the Group that you can have collaborations and exchanges with. We work with partner schools, for example, focusing exactly on that peer-to-peer learning. We visit each other’s preschools, where we observe, assess and give positive and constructive criticism in order to spur each other on and make us all better. You are never alone in Vittra.

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