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Before your choice

Vittra operates in over 20 municipalities and each municipality can choose to organise its school admissions slightly differently. To know exactly how school admissions work in your municipality, read more on the page “How school admissions work”, which you will find in the menu.

No matter how the system works, it is a good idea for you as a parent to prepare so you can make as informed a choice as possible. We have therefore put together some extra information that we believe can help you to make your choice. – questions and answers

On the website, which is run by the Swedish Association of Independent Schools, you can find out more about how school admissions work and the general rules regarding independent schools and choice of school.

Working practices, general feeling and long-term commitment

When it comes to your choice of school, we recommend that you take the time to find out about the way the different schools work, so you can consider whether they are a good fit for your child. We are all different and we are happiest in an environment that provides security and positive stimulation. You know your child and how best he or she can be motivated and supported.

Take the time to attend some open days or private tours to gain an impression of the premises, the atmosphere among the staff and to find out what a rainy day in October looks like, for example. Illness and bad weather strike in autumn every year, and it is therefore important that the ideas and setup continue to work even under suboptimal conditions. You may also have heard a rumour about some school that you can have confirmed or denied so that you can make an even more well informed choice of school.

We often receive questions about our long-term commitment, since we are a profit-driven enterprise and people therefore feel there could be a conflict between long-termism and profit. In fact, we believe the two are closely linked and that extremely long-term commitment is required within schools. But what do you think, and what feeling do you get about long-term commitment when you visit the different schools (municipal and independent)?

Small, large or municipal?

All the different operational forms or types of owner have their benefits. Ask questions about this if you are concerned or if you want to know more about the long-term plan.

Ask to meet a few current pupils

On a visit, take the opportunity to talk to some of the older pupils to get an idea of what they think about their school. Do you get the impression that they are good role models for your child, and do the current pupils feel the school delivers on its promises?

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