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Handling of personal information

Vittra is part of AcadeMedia. Various digital services are used at all Vittra’s schools. They are used by the schools in areas such as pupil administration, queue management, assessments, course and lesson planning, and also as direct classroom support. As part of this, we collect and store information about children, pupils and guardians, including name, personal ID number and contact details. We also record information about the children and pupils in our systems, for example their educational plans, assessments and grades, plus medical information within the framework of our pupil health work.

It is important to us that we handle your information in a secure and responsible way. At Vittra we have drawn up guidelines on how we handle personal data and how we work with digital services. Below is a brief summary of your rights and our work. For more information that is updated over the year, please visit AcadeMedia’s website (, where you can find out more about our handling of personal data under the headings “Utbildning/Education” and “Kvalitet/Quality”. You are also welcome to contact your preschool/school or write to

Personal data

Our processing and storage of your personal data is governed by the Personal Data Act (PuL). Schools are permitted to handle personal data under PuL since this is necessary to complete tasks that are mandated by law. The entity responsible for data protection at your preschool/school is Vittraskolorna AB.

You are entitled, once per calendar year, to request a registry extract showing the personal data that we hold about you, and to have any incorrect details in our systems corrected. You are also entitled to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority, if you believe your personal data has been handled incorrectly.

If you have any questions about our handling of your data, you are welcome to contact your preschool/school in the first instance, or Vittra centrally via If you would like a registry excerpt, a correction to or a deletion of your personal data, you must send a written and signed application to your Data Protection Ombudsman. Send it to the Data Protection Ombudsman for Vittra Schools, AcadeMedia, Box 213, 101 24 Stockholm.

Sensitive information

The medical work of the pupil health team is separated from the educational operation and is regulated by the Health and Medical Services Act, amongst other things. This means that other staff at the school do not have access to the information and the personal data that is handled within this service.

Some information that we gather about you will be passed on to those who need to know this information within our organisation, such as information about allergies. In cases where we judge this to be sensitive, or the law specifies that we need it, we will obtain your consent for this.

We are continuously improving our procedures and guidelines to protect our systems against hacking, accidental loss or destruction. We always handle sensitive information in line with prevailing laws and regulations.

Cloud services

Cloud services are one of many digital services that we use. Using such services brings various benefits, including:

  • greater opportunities for collaboration within the school and within Vittra
  • easy for a child to share their material, both in the school and more widely
  • access to the services whenever and wherever you want them

In cloud services, the information is stored on an external supplier’s servers and is accessible to the user over the internet. Examples of cloud services that we use are Google Apps for Education and Microsoft’s Office 365. The information still belongs to the Vittra schools and we control who has access to it. To guarantee that personal information is not passed on to anyone else, we have signed an agreement with each supplier, known as a personal data processor agreement. Under this agreement, the suppliers are prohibited from sharing our users’ personal data and material to a third party.

What happens when a child leaves school?

If a child wishes to keep their material after leaving school, they must transfer it to a private account or their own storage location. The pupil’s account is normally deactivated when the pupil leaves Vittra’s operations and the data is deleted shortly after. This also applies to material that is stored with our suppliers (including cloud services such as Google Apps for Education). Some pupil administration information (chiefly grades) will continue to be stored after the pupil has left.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about the systems we use, the information we store and how we work to keep your information secure? Find out more on our website, contact your school or get in touch via

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