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Admission Procedures

To ensure that all children and pupils are treated equally and in line with the applicable regulations, Vittra has drawn up these guidelines for pupil admissions, which govern how admissions and queue management are handled in our schools. The guidelines have to be followed by all Vittra schools and they supplement the other policies and guidelines that we have.

When we enrol new children and pupils

Our compulsory schools enrol new pupils mainly for an August start or in conjunction with school holidays, subject to space in the classes. Our preschools enrol new children throughout the year, subject to space in the groups. When the intake happens depends on when and how the places become available and it therefore needs to be adapted on a case-by-case basis. However, in all cases we still apply our straightforward queuing system.

Joining the queue

A parent places their child in the queue using the application form that is available on each school’s website. Those schools that are linked to the municipal queue in their local municipality clearly explain this on their website. Different municipalities have different rules when it comes to the way the schools manage the admissions queue. In some places it is permitted to have a parallel queue despite being linked to the municipal queue, while other municipalities do not allow this.

It is important that we follow the local rules in the municipalities in which we operate and that, if we have parallel queues, we have clear written procedures for this, so we ensure that our admissions are based on the principles defined in this document, whether you have placed yourself in a queue via the municipality or via the individual school.

Offers and priority

We offer children and pupils places based on two principles:

1) Queuing time. We operate a straightforward queue, where the child’s place in the queue is calculated based on the application date, and the child who has been in the queue the longest in their age group is offered a place first. This applies both to children who are registered in the same municipality as the school and to children from other municipalities.

2) Sibling priority. Children with a sibling who, at the time of admission, attends the same school are given priority, subject to the availability of places.

Children with special educational needs

If there is reason to believe that a pupil has special educational needs, the school can apply for supplementary funding to cover the cost of this. The application goes to the child’s home municipality and different municipalities have different procedures for handling the supplementary funding. Our schools must always follow the current national legislation and the municipal rules and procedures that exist locally in this regard. A child’s potential special educational needs do not affect the procedure for admissions to our schools.

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