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Procedures and Forms

Absence from preschool

For preschool, you must report absence due to illness by telephone before 09.00. You do not need to report absence for each day of illness, but instead to make sure that you inform the preschool of your child’s return, a day in advance, by 13.00 at the latest.

Absence from school

Absence from school due to medical or other exceptional circumstances has to be reported on SchoolSoft, before 08.15. Please make sure to report absence every day that your child is at home.
Our school staff reports the attendance for every scheduled lesson on SchoolSoft. The school is obliged to inform the parent if the student is absent from school without prior notice. This is something that SchoolSoft has an automatic function for. This means that you, as parents always will be notified via email if the student has been late or absent without prior notification or granted leave. For students in grade 6, unauthorised absence is included in the grade reports at the end of term.

Leave from school

If a student needs to be off from school in addition to holidays and other days off, the application must be submitted to the mentor teacher in good time before the leave. Time in school is compulsory for grades 1-6. Therefore, leave is only granted in specific cases. The Principal decides all planned leave, which involves the student being away for more than three days of school in one academic year. The application for leave can be found on SchoolSoft (see Policy for Leave).

Leave from fritidshem and preschool

As a guardian, you need to report the days that your child will attend fritidshem or preschool. Registration for school breaks should be made no later than four weeks before they begin. For the summer holidays, this notification needs to be made approximately 8 weeks before your child will be off. This enables us to plan activities on the basis of the number of children who have been registered on time. You are reminded of this in the weekly newsletters that are sent to you by the mentor teachers, as well as on the SchoolSoft calendar, in good time before the breaks. You need to report your child’s leave under My Times on SchoolSoft.

Lost and Found/Hall places

We have a Lost and Found box in our entrance. We see it as a joint responsibility to keep it in order. All unclaimed items are donated to charity the first working day of every month. Therefore, it is very important that all personal belongings are clearly labelled with the child’s full name. Items such as games and toys can be easily mislaid or picked up and are therefore not allowed to be brought from home. Hall places need to be frequently checked and cleaned to ensure a tidy environment for everyone.

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