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Parent Council

Our Parent Council is a body of parents, representing parents, run by

parents, with the support of the school. It’s purpose is to give

parents a voice and to increase their active involvement in decision

making, fostering a culture of partnership and cooperation.

Parent Councils can provide an excellent forum for parents to come

together, share ideas, and put forward their views to the governing

body of the school. They can help to break down barriers between

the school and parents who are less involved in the school.


As parents, you are

• Experts on your own child and can share this information

and knowledge about your child’s needs

• Have unique and varied skills, interests, knowledge and


• Are members of the local community and have links with

services that the school might not have

• Are in touch with other parents and can represent a wider

range of views


Our Parent Council members:

Brenda Söderlind – Preschool

Guillaume Caron – Preschool

Marie Vidinghoff – School

Mianda Stark – School

Sigita Kapaca – school and preschool

Maria Nyberg – school and preschool

Maryam Lundin – school



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