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Preeschool 2019-2020

Our preschool is open on all weekdays with the exception of Christmas and New Year, Summer Break in July when we are closed for 2 weeks, as well as UF-days.

The preschool is open all through the year.

The UF- days are Evaluation and Preparation Days for teachers. These are days when all the preschool staff evaluates, plans and prepares activities.

Läsårstider 2019-2020

Höstterminen 2019

8 augusti UF-dag (endast skola stängt)
9 augusti UF-dag (endast skola stängt)
12 augusti UF-dag (skola, fritids och förskola stängt)
13 augusti UF-dag (endast skola stängt)

14 augusti Höstterminens första dag
28/10 –1/11 Höstlov
20 december Höstterminens sista dag

Vårterminen 2020

9 januari Vårterminens första dag
20-21 februari UF-dag (endast skola stängt)
24-27 februari Sportlov (v. 9)
6-10 april Påsklov (v. 15)
14-15 april UF-dag (endast skola stängt)
22 maj Lov
10 juni Läsårets sista dag

Schoolyear 2019-2020

Autumn term 2019

August 8, UF day (school closed only)
August 9, UF day (school closed only)
August 12, UF-day (school, leisure and preschool closed)
August 13, UF Day (school closed only)

August 14 The autumn day’s first day
28/10 –1/11 Autumn holidays
December 20 The last day of the autumn term

Spring term 2020

January 9 The spring day’s first day
February 20-21, UF day (school closed only)
February 24-27 Sport holidays (v. 9)
6-10 April Easter holidays (v. 15)
April 14-15 UF Day (school closed only)
May 22 Law
June 10 The last day of the year

*The UF days are Evaluation and Preparation Days for teachers. Your child does not have school on these days. Fritids is open for registered children on most of these days. More information i the weekley letter.




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