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Vittra Rösjötorp International

About Vittra Rösjötorp

Vittra Rösjötorp offers its students an excellent bilingual program, and thereby, a competitive edge, from preschool and up. More and more parents are turning to language immersion programs for their toddlers and pre-schoolers. Some are looking to preserve language heritage, others for academic advantage. The benefits of a bilingual approach to education have been thoroughly researched and are well documented. They show that learning a second language, particularly from an early age, clearly leads to cognitive and academic improvements. Our consistently excellent academic results for all grade levels, year after year, are a clear indication of this. To have had a 100% success rate for the grade 6 National Tests in the previous school year, 2015-2016 is an achievement that we are naturally very proud of.

Research demonstrates that young children who become bilingual develop stronger communication skills in their native language, learn additional new languages at a faster rate and are better prepared to face the challenges of an international environment. Our children learn to speak English the way you probably learned to speak your native language -by speaking, reading and living it. Our children don ́t just ”learn” English; they learn to ”live” in English. We do not treat English as a ”class” that begins and ends at a certain time. The immersion method that we follow means that English is woven into activities and curricula throughout the day.

Welcome to Vittra Rösjötorp International! Welcome to a truly bilingual world!

Yours sincerely,
Sara Haraldson
Preschool and School Principal

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