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Vittra Rösjötorp International


Subject grades (grade 6)

Subject grades are set twice a year. The students receive grade reports at the end of the Autumn Term and the Spring Term (the subject grades are sent home in case of absence). The original subject grades are only handed out at the end of the school year ceremony in grade 6.

Written Evaluations (grades 1-5)

A written evaluation in all the subjects a student has studied during the course of the school term/year, with a comment directed towards future improvement, is published on SchoolSoft, at the end of each term.

Development Talks

Take place at the beginning of each term. The first talk during the Autumn Term forms the basis of the Individual Development Plan, which is then revised during the next development talk that follows during the Spring Term.

Vittra Evaluation

Since we consider a students complete development as important, we even set goals for each students personal development. At the end of the school year, we write an evaluation of each student’s development in other areas. This evaluation is called The Vittra Evaluation and is published on SchoolSoft at the end of the school year.

Vittra Book

Our digital Vittra Book gives you as parent, the possibility to have a continuous insight and participation in your child’s development.


This is our platform for learning and communication, where we regularly document each student’s knowledge development and upload lessons and tasks related to each subject. It is here that the students IDPs and Vittra evaluations, weekly schedules, and academic planning for the year, can be found. When a student is at risk for not reaching proficiency level, the guardians are informed about it before the formal documentation takes place on SchoolSoft.

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