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Vittra Rösjötorp International

Daily activities

Morning Routines

All the students have a morning meeting with their mentor teacher every morning at 08.30. Therefore, we should receive students at 08.20, before the school day begins. We think that it is necessary that we adults are near at hand for our children and students in order to ensure a safe and pleasant start to the day, as well as to ensure that the children and students feel that they have been seen and validated. We hang our outdoor clothes in the cloakroom when we enter the school.

When students come to school and when they go home from school, it is very important that they check in and check out on the attendance lists in the school entrance.

Student Teams

Students at our school are divided into different working teams, the minors (F class-grade 3) and the juniors (grades 4 – 6).

Mentor Teacher

All students at school always belong to a specific mentor group and each group has its own mentor teacher. The mentor teacher is responsible for preparing the IDP (Individual Development Plan), as well as for holding the IDP meeting, and is the main link between home and school. The role of the mentor teacher also involves stimulating and following up the development of the mentor students. As a parent, you are expected to have a good communication with your child’s mentor teacher regarding your child’s development.

Mentor Group

The mentor groups can comprise of students from the same or different grades. The mentor groups begin each day together with a morning meeting, after which they continue the day in their respective grades, according to their subject schedules. If the teaching takes place in mixed grade groups, it is the same mixed grade groups that have their morning meeting and subject lessons together in order to create greater stability for the students.

Morning Meeting

The daily morning meeting takes place for 30 minutes on Monday and Friday, and for 20 minutes on Tuesday to Thursday. The morning meeting starts off the day for the students. The students meet in their mentor groups at 08.30 for the morning meeting. The purpose of the morning meetings is to create a feeling of togetherness and to build a solid school structure as well as to plan the week and to take up current events related to the curriculum goals. The morning meeting also offers opportunities for discussion and exercises related to the school culture and rules of conduct.

Context based teaching

Context based teaching is a central Vittra concept. We do this through intertwining the different subjects in the curriculum in a so-called cross-curricular teaching where students may work with different cases or projects based on themes. For the projects, we try to work with students from the whole team.

Academic year in periods

Within Vittra we have divided the school year into six periods, each followed by a development and planning day (UF day) when the educators evaluate the previous period, as well as plan and prepare for the following one. Your children are free from school these days, while fritids is open to receive students who are registered.

Coherent lessons

Period division means that we can have different schedules during different periods in terms of the number of hours given to each subject. The subjects that have less time according to the timetable, for example, Arts, Crafts and Home Economics, can thus be studied more intensely during one or two periods. This can allow for longer and more coherent lessons in these subjects and enable more practical laboratory work with fewer interruptions and more time for preparation of materials.


You child’s schedule will be posted on SchoolSoft during the first week of school. We reserve the right to make necessary changes to the schedule if the need arises.

Start Up Period

During the first period, also called the Start Up Period, we work actively towards creating a good school culture. Character building is carried out in groups and is a natural part of our teaching. Development talks take place during the Start Up Period, as well as a mapping of the student’s current situation in their respective subjects.

Extra Hour/Study help

All students are offered at least an extra hour of help from their teacher, besides the regular school hours. This hour can be used as an additional adjustment for students who need more time in school. It is open for students who need guidance from a teacher in order to develop further, or who need support in one or more subjects. The extra hour can also be a way for students to get help with their homework.

Adult Presence

At Vittra, we believe in close pedagogical relationships. This belief is supported by collective research that shows that adult presence increases the feeling of security among children. Therefore it is obvious to us that there should be familiar adults present among our children and students during breaks and lunch.

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