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Vittra Rösjötorp International

Compulsory school

Since the very beginning in 1993, here at Vittra we have always believed in the drive of happy and inquisitive children. This lays the foundation for lifelong learning, where knowledge is placed in a context and is able to grow. We provide opportunities for personal development and build an understanding of how and why we learn. With us, pupils dare to ask questions and stand up for themselves and each other. We create a secure environment where pupils are happy and learn more, and this shows in our learning outcomes.

When today’s Year 1 pupils leave our schools, they will take away with them (at the very minimum) a pass in all subjects, good self-esteem, social skills, democratic values and a knowledge and understanding of the skills and talents required in the world of work. In short, we give our pupils a strong belief in their own future.

This is what you can expect when you choose one of our schools.

Committed teachers

Our teachers create context between activities and subjects while at the same time taking into account every child and pupil’s unique drive, capabilities and interests – drawing on the fact that the children and pupils want to and are able to learn. By finding the motivation in each individual, we can both inspire them and set requirements. Here with us, learning a lot is both fun and essential.

At Vittra, each pupil has a personal mentor, who monitors the pupil’s whole situation. As a parent, you have a close dialogue with the personal mentor in order to follow your child’s progress.

We work actively to ensure that all the adults at the school are reliable and clear role models who are able to set boundaries, encourage, support and offer a warm hug when needed. The adults are also around the children and pupils during breaks and lunch.

Knowledge and clear goals

Our teachers ensure that the knowledge requirements in the curriculum are clearly set out, and together with the pupil, they set up interim goals to achieve them. This helps the pupils to feel more involved and motivated. We also employ targeted initiatives to improve the pupils’ skills in reading, writing and maths right from Year 1, since research shows that early interventions have positive effects on pupils’ entire school career.

Our schools maintain close monitoring of knowledge outcomes, in order that we can identify your child’s needs and provide the right support and level of challenge in the teaching. Knowledge development is documented in our digital follow-up tool SchoolSoft. Every academic year up until Year 5, your child receives a written report in all subjects. From Year 6, your child receives grades each term.

Personal development

At our schools, we allow your child space to give things a try. To succeed and to fail. To evaluate, reflect and understand. And to try again, because that is how we learn. We monitor and base our work on the pupil’s entire individual development, which is why we have an annual plan with goals in three areas: knowledge, learning and personal development. The pupil writes the goals in his or her Vittra book, which the personal mentor regularly follows up on with the parents during the year.

With us, pupils learn more about themselves, becoming aware of their strengths and areas for development and how to work with others. This development is then documented in a Vittra report each academic year.

Security and social inclusion

A good school culture is characterised by security and social inclusion. A strongly positive culture contributes to good self-esteem and the courage to stand up for your views, but also the courage to stand up for someone else. That is why every academic year begins with a Start-up period when our pupils put extra practice into communication and collaboration. Every school also has a code of conduct that applies to everyone. Together, we ensure a secure environment that provides the perfect conditions for study.

Carefully planned learning environment

The learning environment at our schools is carefully planned around the pupils’ needs, providing functional and flexible spaces that can be adapted to different learning situations. We believe in an environment in which materials are easily accessible to the pupils, an environment that is light and airy and where things are exactly where they should be. We also see society as an extension of our learning environment, and we often visit various cultural events, conduct study visits and explore the local community. Sometimes, for example, parts of a lesson may be held outside, such as “outdoor maths”.

Systematic quality work

Just like our pupils, we develop and achieve results through clear goals and good planning. Each term, parents and pupils get to have their say on our quality, enabling us to improve even further. The results of their feedback then form the basis for each school’s action plan. It is thanks to our quality work that we are able to improve our knowledge outcomes year after year.

Welcome to Vittra!

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