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Vittra Rösjötorp International

Our traditions

We always acknowledge children’s birthdays at preschool, usually on the day itself, or if children return after a break. We celebrate birthdays during our morning meeting. Due to allergies and health recommendations, we have chosen to remove alternatives such as ice cream and popcorn. If your child wishes to, you can send some fruit to the preschool, which the teachers can make into a fruit salad for all the children.

For Easter, we have an Easter party. This party takes place at some point during the Easter week.

Lucia is celebrated with a lucia-train for all children who wish to participate, either indoors or outdoors. Parents, siblings and other relatives are welcome to come and watch the celebration. We invite you to glögg and gingerbread.

During the year, we invite you to exhibitions and cultural or other celebrations such as UN-Day. Summer end of year ceremonies are held outdoors in June.

UN Day

UN Day is an annual celebration at our school. We do this year in and year out in order to celebrate the great cultural diversity we have at our school, to make our children aware and proud of their roots and to make them international and tolerant citizens of a shared world.

This year our guest speaker is Lars Arrhenius, General Secretary at Friends. A new talent Nickson Riuks will give a solo song performance. Guests can learn from and enjoy an exhibition of children’s work related to the UNHCR-United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child/Barnkonvention, as well as taste food from all around the world.

Green Flag

A wonderful bit of good news dropped in from HSR-Håll Sverige Rent just in time for our new academic year. Our Action Plan was approved and we can keep our Green Flag for the third year in a row.

Here is the validation from HSR:

2016-06-16 11:59: Det har varit roligt att läsa er rapport och se hur ni har integrerat hållbar utveckling i er verksamhet! Ni har viktiga utvecklingsområden, som ni verkar har arbetat med på ett föredömligt och engagerat sätt.
Ni har jättefina bilder som visar er verksamhet väl. Vi gillar era bilder med “kontrakt” där eleverna får skriva under och jobba för ert hållbarhetsarbete. Roligt att ni har ett givande Grön Flagg -arbete både för elever och vuxna!
Bra jobbat, Vittra Rösjötorp!

This honour is due to the hard work and commitment of all our Environment Council members in preschool and school, all our students and teachers! Our journey towards a greener better world begins here and now. It begins with our children. They are the real flag bearers!

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