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Regular Information

Weekly letter and periodic letter

The mentor teachers emails and publishes a weekly newsletter on SchoolSoft. You also receive a letter from the Principal at the end of every 6-week period. This letter is also published on SchoolSoft. The Principals letter focuses on important happenings at the preschool and school.


SchoolSoft can be used everywhere where there is access to internet. As a parent, you can report illness. It is important that you, as a parent, participate in this system. Our recommendation to parents is to log into SchoolSoft at least once a week. We will have a course in School- Soft usage for all parents in connection with our first Parent Meeting, in order to further facilitate our communication with you.

New parents will receive their user name and password after you have emailed our administrator Camilla Grönqvist, at You even have a possibility to do this during the Parent Meeting on the first day of school.

The address to the login page


This is where we publish photos of learning situations in preschool. We recommend that you follow us in order to gain further insight into your child’s preschool day. Please do not forget to return the permission form to tell us whether or not you want us to post pictures of your child on our Facebook.

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