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Vittra Rösjötorp International

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Lomvägen 100
192 56 Sollentuna


A few words from the Principal

Vittra Rösjötorp offers its students an excellent bilingual program, and thereby, a competitive edge, from preschool and up. More and more parents are turning to language immersion programs for their toddlers and pre-schoolers. Some are looking to preserve language heritage, others for academic advantage. The benefits of a bilingual approach to education have been thoroughly researched and are well documented. They show that learning a second language, particularly from an early age, clearly leads to cognitive and academic improvements. Our consistently excellent academic results for all grade levels, year after year, are a clear indication of this.

Research demonstrates that young children who become bilingual develop stronger communication skills in their native language, learn additional new languages at a faster rate and are better prepared to face the challenges of an international environment. Our children learn to speak English the way you probably learned to speak your native language -by speaking, reading and living it. Our children don ́t just ”learn” English; they learn to ”live” in English. We do not treat English as a ”class” that begins and ends at a certain time. The immersion method that we follow means that English is woven into activities and curricula throughout the day.

Welcome to Vittra Rösjötorp International! Welcome to a truly bilingual world!

Yours sincerely,
Lea Colner

"We have guided tours during the autumn on the first Monday of every month at 9:30a.m. for those who are interested in our preschool and school. Please notify us via if you are interested in attending. Have you been offered a space? Contact:"

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