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Community goals

At Vittra, we want our children and students to learn about themselves and the world. We want them to get the right tools and knowledge to create a better, more sustainable society. Part of that is Vittra’s community goals.

The community goals mean that we work with projects linked to the UN’s global goals for sustainable development. The students learn about the challenges and opportunities of our time, which lays the foundation for them to be able to influence the world around them. In concrete terms, this means that through various projects during the year we work to understand the importance of sustainable development and how we can create a better society, a better community.

We do this together with local organizations to improve the society around us. We engage our children, students and staff – because together we make a difference.

Quick facts about the Community goals

  • Project based on the UN's sustainability goals

    The projects are based on the UN’s 17 global sustainability goals and Agenda 2030.

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  • Locally and globally

    Our children and students get the chance to immerse themselves in and work with both local and global social issues.

  • Projects for a better society

    We work to implement projects that create value and contribute to a better society.

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