Preschool at Vittra Rösjötorp

At Vittra, we work with conscious learning—your children get to know themselves as persons and thereby become curious about the world. Here you can read more about what it means.

Conscious learning

We increase the awareness of our children and students. The awareness of who they are as persons. Awareness of their own learning and development. As well as the awareness of their fellow human beings and what is happening in the society around them.

Courageous culture

We believe that courage is the key to learning—the courage to ask, listen, understand and do. Therefore, we work actively to create a courageous culture where curiosity and exploration are encouraged. Where everyone has the right to an opinion and learns to express it. A prerequisite for children's and student's courage is that they also have confidence in both educators and peers.

Clear structure

We have clear routines and continuous follow-up to support the children's learning process. We have structures for teaching teams and we constantly incorporate the societal perspective into our teaching through developed methods and perspectives. We have clarity about what to do and what is expected.

Barn på förskolan tittar i en bok tillsammans


When you have accepted your place, you will receive a welcome letter with all the information.

The first day of school varies and the induction itself usually takes two weeks, but is individual. If your child has attended preschool before, the induction is usually one week. The first three induction days, you as a parent, are there the whole day and then we want one of the parents to be on standby during the whole two-week induction period.

Bring nappies and extra clothes, such as rainwear and wellies and a change of clothes (socks, underwear, top and bottom). For children who sleep outside during the day, a pram is needed. Also bring a comforter and pacifier if your child uses it.