Vittra Rösjötorp International

In our school, children and students go from preschool up to year 6

Vittra Rösjötorp has a bilingual focus that gives your child the chance to learn the English language from an early age, in addition to the Swedish curriculum. In this way, English becomes a natural part of everyday life.

We want our children and students to learn in a way that's fun. Preferably outdoors in our outdoor classroom or together with the Naturskolan (Nature School). Our educators are present and get to know all the students, as we teach all the years. It also makes the students feel comfortable with each other. When they can be themselves and learn about themselves, they also understand society better. Vittra Rösjötorp is located in a nature reserve, which allows us to work close to nature.

Vittra is an idea- and value-driven organisation. This means that all employees work towards the same pedagogical goal - conscious learning where we can make a difference for our children and students.

Where people and knowledge grow

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The Vittra skills

The Vittra skills are six different skills to learn and develop, so that your child becomes both aware of themselves and their environment. The Vittra skills we always base our work on are confidence, responsibility, perseverance, creativity, planning, evaluating and cooperation.
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Community goals

At Vittra, we work with projects linked to the UN's global goals for sustainable development. We do this together with local organisations to improve the community around us. We engage our children, students and staff, and together we make a difference.

The Vittra book

In the Vittra book, your child gets to reflect on their learning process and gain an awareness of their development. Our students also use the Vittra book to plan and evaluate their school work to get structure in their everyday lives and learns to take responsibility.
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