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Vittra Rösjötorp’s bilingual focus means that your child learns English from an early age. Since we are located in a nature reserve, we work close to nature, with outdoor classrooms and in collaboration with the Naturskolan (Nature School). We teach all the years, which means that the students get to know each other, and that we see all our students.



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A socially engaged preschool and primary school

At Vittra, our goal is for every child to become aware of themselves and the world around us. We prepare them with knowledge and courage so that they can feel that they can participate and influence society for the better. We teach them to think for themselves and make a difference.

Where people and knowledge grow

The Vittra skills

The Vittra skills are six different skills to learn and develop, so that your child becomes both aware of themselves and their environment. The Vittra skills we always base our work on are confidence, responsibility, perseverance, creativity, planning, evaluating and cooperation.

Community goals

At Vittra, we work with projects linked to the UN's global goals for sustainable development. We do this together with local organisations to improve the community around us. We engage our children, students and staff, and together we make a difference.

The Vittra book

In the Vittra book, your child gets to reflect on their learning process and gain an awareness of their development. Our students also use the Vittra book to plan and evaluate their school work to get structure in their everyday lives and learns to take responsibility.

You're welcome to visit us

No matter how much we describe the school in words and pictures, it can never surpass an actual visit. We therefore invite you and your child to experience our school during a personal viewing or Open House.

Admission process step-by-step

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You know best what motivates your child, so before you apply, it is good to read about how we work at Vittra Rösjötorp. You can do it here!

Visit us

To get an idea of ​​how the school works, come visit us! Either at an open house or at a personal viewing.


Once you have decided, you fill in our application form and send it in. Now you collect queue-days!

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When it’s your turn in the queue, you will be offered a place. You then have a certain amount of time to say yes. Do you have any questions—read more under frequently asked questions.

We aim to inspire caring global citizens, in a community where everyone feels supported and challenged

Lea Colner,
Principal at Vittra Rösjötorp International

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