Två barn på förskolan med en lärare på Vittra lär sig med hjälp av en jordglob

International profile

As of Autumn 2021, Vittra Lidingö is investing in a new International profile. The investment means extra resources and increased English teaching with two more opportunities a week for all students. In addition to teaching, the newly recruited staff is actively introducing English as a constantly present language in both school and at after-school activities.

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The benefits of an international focus

By starting early using English as an additional language, not only provides our children and students with a broader societal perspective but also builds confidence in using English in different situations. The international profile also allows our children and students to develop the ability to express their opinions, make themselves understood and understand other people – valuable knowledge for the future.

With Vittra Lidingö's International profile, we take society into the classroom and learning out into society. With courage and awareness, children and students are given tools to make a difference.

Kristina Blomberg,