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International profile

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As of Autumn 2021, Vittra Lidingö is investing in a new International profile. The investment means extra resources and increased English teaching with two more opportunities a week for all students. In addition to teaching, the newly recruited staff is actively introducing English as a constantly present language in both school and at after-school activities.

The benefits of an international focus

By starting early using English as an additional language, not only provides our children and students with a broader societal perspective but also builds confidence in using English in different situations. The international profile also allows our children and students to develop the ability to express their opinions, make themselves understood and understand other people – valuable knowledge for the future.

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  • With Vittra Lidingö's International profile, we take society into the classroom and learning out into society. With courage and awareness, children and students are given tools to make a difference.

    Kicki Blomberg Principal

Why is it important to learn English?

At Vittra Lidingö, we understand the importance of children learning English at a young age and that they are allowed to use the English language regularly.

Our goal with the international profile is for your child to be able to communicate more easily in and after school, both in private and professional life. Being able to move freely in the global language may open up more job opportunities and simplify travel and understanding of different cultures. Research has shown that children who grow up with multilingualism find it easier to learn even more languages, are more creative and better at problem solving.

English in preschool

With us, the children get a good entrance into the English language through a bilingual preschool. Here, both Swedish and English are integrated into the communication with the children, who get a good foundation for language learning. In primary school, they get to keep building on their knowledge of English on a daily basis throughout their education.

Our international profile

  • Education

    The preschool is bilingual with both Swedish and English. The subjects art and crafts are partly taught in English. Students are offered two extra hours of English per week.

    En pedagog sitter och pratar med en glad elev som sitter och skriver
  • Coding

    Students in primary and middle school and in leisure time are offered an introduction to programming and digital creation where the English language is in focus.

    En lärare som hjälper elever på Vittra
  • Gatherings

    In all grades, we have three gatherings a week with an international theme. The gatherings can contain rhymes, singing, language bags and traditions from the multicultural perspective.

    Fyra glada elever sitter på en bänk på Vittra, i bakgrunden syns FN:s globala mål.
  • Redaktionen

    Students are allowed to make recordings and broadcasts of podcasts in English. We discuss meaningful societal issues as well as various fun and current topics.

    Fyra elever sitter och utforskar medieskapande genom Vittras "Redaktionen"
  • Express yourself

    Our students receive regular training and education in communication in English through tasks linked to rhetoric, reasoning, argumentation and presentation.

    En elev står framme vid tavlan och pratar inför klassen
  • Community goals

    We collaborate with international schools, organizations and companies, which gives students an exchange of experience and global contacts. We work in interdisciplinary projects linked to the UN’s global goals.

    Tre högstadieelever umgås vid ett pingisbord ute på skolgården

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